Ital Steam Chalice™ is used for medicinal & spiritual purposes. Healing and/or meditation come through the inhalation of selected herbs vaporized. As a mission, Ital Steam Chalice™ is set out to educate people pertaining to the healing and/or meditative effect of vaporizing medicinal herbs of choice. Herbs commonly vaporized by the Rastafari Nyahbinghi Community in Jamaica include, rosemary, lemon grass, wild basil and a variety of mints. A mixture of these aroma therapeutic herbs can leave one feeling quite relaxed, creating a unison of the body, mind and spirit. Creating a balance among they who are at dis-ease, and awakening the subconscious or 'self' of those who are deeply pressed, is also a part of the mission of Ital Steam Chalice™.

The base of the Ital Steam Chalice™ is made out of the outer shell of the Jamaican calabash fruit of which was traditionally made into drinking cups, and was brought to the Caribbean from South America during Trans-Atlantic Slavery. Some calabashes are much larger in size and are presently used by Jamaican's, especially the Rastafari Community, in making plates, bowls and artwork. Some Ital Steam Chalice™ are made entirely out of bamboo, while others are a combination between bamboo and the calabash. Additionally, the "cutchie" or cup is made out of pure Jamaican clay and has a thin circular shaped "gritty" with fine holes, used for the purpose of separating the coconut charcoal (on top) from the medicinal herb(s) (beneath). Hence, there is no direct contact between the fire and the earth being consumed. In an esoteric sense, this work of art and science is also representative of the Fire, Earth, Air and Water elements. As a product, the Ital Steam Chalice™ is all natural and organic!!!


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